Lead and Management System
Manage your leads, tasks and sales funnel effectively - from prospect
to clousre
 lead/tast management software
Intuitive and powerful tool to organize and prioritize your tasks and leads
Bizom smartly filters leads into Opportunity, Prospects, Negotiations & closure based on lead potential
Task & Lead Management System- Proactive alerts and reminders
Proactive alerts and

Bizom lead management system ensures there are no more missed leads or deadlines.

lTask & Lead Management System- Lead prioritization
Lead prioritization

Route wise, category wise, geo-
tagged, time stamped addition and
prioritisation of leads based on
conversion potential.

Task & Lead Management System- Task progress tracking
Task progress tracking

Customised category wise listing and
tracking of tasks as per task progress

Task & Lead Management System- Task dashboards
Task dashboards

Bizom equips you with interactive
reports & dashboards with filters
providing task and activity reporting.

Bizom- Task Management Portal
Bizom Lead Management System enables teams to track leads and
manage tasks from start to finish
Attendance Management Fully integrated with your sales workflow
Attendance Management One stop display of lead/task history
Attendance Management Add customised stages and due dates for each tasks
Attendance Management Real time reporting of each touch to the lead
Attendance Management Maintain vast database of complete sales funnel
Attendance Management Ensure regular follow-ups with intelligent alerts and notifications
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