Bizom allows sales rep to capture orders right from their mobile phones. Sales managers can plan and track field salesman activity, set targets and track achievements. Visibility on inventory and knowledge of previous outlet performance allows salesman to do a better job.

Create dynamic dashboards for your top management.

Get a single view glimpse of your sales topline and bottom line for your managements purview.

Real-time insights help our customers take tough decisions in split seconds.

Customizable Dashboards & Analytics is key differentiator for Bizom.

Every sales activity at your finger tips

All the day-to-day activity of the sales executive is provided within 2 clicks, whether it is following a PJP or accepting sales returns or making claims. Ability to work offline (except for attendance) gives flexibility where there is no mobile network.

Bizom is full of thoughtful touches to make a field executive's life simpler and more productive.

  • Punch in orders at the outlet with geo-location capture.
  • Take stock of the products/inventory at an outlet.
  • Submit the activity summary at the end of day.

Transactions done are captured in real-time and sync'ed with your CRM if required on a periodic basis.

Intelligently suggested orders ensure that you give the optimal quantity to your retailer to avoid stockouts or on the other hand, prevent high returns.

The Gamification extension allows you to set targets in a social context for your sales team.

  • Fun: Hold a virtual IPL for your sales team - delivered and track through the Bizom app.
  • Targets: We have seen about 150-200% increase in sales achievements when these games are held.

Ability to flexibly define the game type, the game parameters and the success KRAs with minimal/no customisation.

Supply Chain Automation

Covers all your supply chain workflows Van Sales, Distribution, Warehouse, Assets/Inventory, and dozens of others. All with minimal customization.

Bizom DMS and Distributor Connect

  • Get functionality of full-fledged Distributor Management System
  • Bring your multi-brand distributor's data without disrupting their existing systems
  • Gather secondary sales data from any DB based system into Bizom

Manage your assets at remote locations

  • Assets at outlets/client locations can be tracked
  • Field executive can create tickets/tasks with respect to the asset
  • Can be associated with dynamically rendered custom forms for attaching an activity

Automate your distributor indenting process 

There’s a good chance that most companies don't have idea about their distributor stock, let alone outlet stock. Use Bizom to manage your supply chain

Don't re-invent the wheel - There are also simple incoming & outgoing API so you can create your own integrations or use existing ones.

Bizom has a responsive design to fit any device

Attendance & Leave Management

From the point marking daily attendance based on latest permissible login time to managing leave policies, Bizom allows managers to get real-time visibility of their staff. And what's more Bizom even allows colleagues to check the presence of their colleagues in close vicinity (of course, based on approval to make presence known)

Join over 25000+ field workforce benefitting from this workflow.

Employee Claims Management

  • Enable employees to create and file claims right from there mobile
  • View the claim status based on color code
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