Does your brand’s order-taking process practice Social Distancing ?
Bizom Retailer App enables self-ordering from your retailers. Anytime, anywhere!


Enterprise Users

5+ Million
Retail Reach

5+ Million
Daily Transactions

$6+ Billion
Annual Transaction Value

Boost Retailer Relationship
Transform Product Launches
Promote & advertise your latest products across your network of retailers from a single place. From launch price offers to product education, leverage your reach to influence your retailers & increase the chances of a successful product launch.Product launches couldn’t have been simpler.
Get Real-time Store Intelligence
Get real-time intelligence on buyer behaviour, product category volume, offer performance and sales at the store-level. Bizom helps Consumer Goods manufacturers optimize their sales and distribution strategy with insights on product performance, SKU volumes, and outlet performance.
Improve Product Reach
Simplify the already complex consumer goods supply chain by helping ensure improved product reach across your existing network of outlets with real-time insights on territory sales data and store-wise product data while engaging directly with retailers through retailer loyalty & various other schemes and offers.
Optimized Trade Marketing Spends
Maximise ROI of all your trade promotion spends. Ensure effectiveness of in-store merchandising & BTL spends with image-recognition based visibility provided directly by the retailer. Leverage the power of targeted marketing with custom promotions & offers to retailers.
Competition products and schemes Monitoring tool

Enable Direct Brand-to-Retail Commerce

The app enables retailers across the board to place orders directly with brands, giving the brand and its channel partners complete, instant visibility and the ability to offer just-in- time supply.

Geo-Fencing for retail execution system application software

Facilitate Direct Brand-to-Retail Advertising

Brands can use multimedia messages and push notifications to communicate targeted brand announcements, promotions and ads for focus products, specific training videos, and more to retailers.

Real-time Retail Merchandising system application software

Measure In-Store Visibility

Our AI powered proprietary image recognition engine helps brands measure and audit share of shelf, planogram compliance and in-store display even without visiting the store.

Real-time Merchandising system application software

Drive Customer Loyalty Programs

Brands could run multi-tier loyalty programs with in-app redemptions and rewards.

Leading Consumer Goods Manufacturers trust Bizom with their Sales Transformation
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Transform your sales and supply chain with Bizom’s data driven intelligence
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“We needed a customer platform that was stable & scalable. We zeroed in on Bizom and 3 years down the road, we do not have any regrets & Bizom is helping us become a customer-centric company“
- IT Head, Molson Coors